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Marble Obsession

“Marble” what a word. The pronunciation itself gives you chills.

Imagine a home where the kitchen floor and counter is made of marble. The relief it gives to you is nowhere to be found. 

According to Wikipedia: Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term marble…” bla bla bla

For some people, it’s just a luxurious stone. But for me, it’s much more than that. Marble is a lifestyle, a timeless elegance that will conquer your home.   Ask any interior designer about marble and they’ll tell you that it’s the most ideal material for home building that will elevate your home decor ESPECIALLY your kitchen.

HANDS DOWN, every Kitchen counter is made of marble. Simple yet luxurious, Smooth, and durable. Also, marble countertops  naturally stay cool and always remain below room temperature which is really good for baking. #Facts

I can go on for hours talking about my obsession of marble. But let’s cut to the chase. 

After months of searching for the best and most affordable marble dinnerware products, I turned my kitchen and table setting designs  into a magazine worthy material. It wasn’t an easy ride, but it was worth it. 

Here is the list of my  favorite marble dinnerware products. From Cutlery, Mugs, and coasters, to Trays, Chopping Boards and much more.

(The list includes marble made products and products that fits the best with marble)

Ceramic Tableware Plates


Black and White with an artistic golden pattern. These tableware plates will take your table setting designs to another level.

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Ceramic Chopping Paddle 

Ceramic Colorful Chopping boards that will make you love cooking even more.

After purchasing them, I started using cooking as an excuse to use them.

Available in Pink, Blue, and Grey/White. 

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Modern Marble Tray


Minimalism at its best! Refresh your guest’s mood by serving them with an eccentric tray. 

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Ceramic Mini-Bowls 

Upgrade your breakfast with these cute little bowls to hold your cereal, strawberries, Raisins, etc...

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Ceramic Black & Gold Coasters


Am I the only one who’s obsessed with coasters? It’s just uplifting!

Coasters are not just for drinks, they add a valuable touch to your decor. 

Spread them neatly on the counter and let the small details play their part.

Minimalistic Marble Coasters 

Round or Hexagonal? I say BOTH!

Keep your Coffee warm and enjoy the simplicity of your mornings.

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Marble Tea Mugs 

Honestly? After trying these mugs, I can’t drink my tea in any other kind of mug. The material keeps your Tea warm, and the design fulfills your morning dreams. 

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Modern Matte Cutlery Set

Any person who’s passionate about cooking or baking has an amazing cutlery set. It’s an international tradition I guess. Add more value to your set with these AMAZING modern matte cutlery set that will fulfill your table setting design. 

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Dessert Cutlery Set 

DO NOT PANIC! Because the list will not be complete without a dessert cutlery set.

We all get excited for dessert after dinner. And what’s a better way to impress your guests with some fine cutlery. 

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You don’t need to wait till Christmas or Thanksgiving to pull out your best dinnerware and cutlery set.  Your dinner table setting deserves to be designed in a fashion that leads to a good mood furnished by correct ambience. Treat yourself with some fine designed dinnerware and have the best time with your family over dinner.