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Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Tools

Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Tools

Have you ever wished for an easier way to cook ? 

And what about the piled up dishes that would not stop staring at you afterwards? Well don’t worry I got you. After a long hours of searching for helpful kitchen tools, and after trying them personally, I’m going to make it easier for you by listing my top 10 favorite kitchen tools that would make your life easier.

Reusable and Adjustable Silicone Food Covers

The ideal alternative to cling film, Silicone Food Covers are the perfect substitution for single-use plastic wrap to seal dishes, bowls, jars, etc... These excessively convenient wraps stick to anything, Sealing your food instantly, and turning a cup, a pot, a jar to storage.

Dough Scraper and Cutter 

The Stainless-steel dough cutter is a must have for enthusiastic bakers.  This cutter has a scale on one side of it to equal your bread pieces and cut them perfectly.  It is also ideal for scraping dough cleanly off your kitchen counter.

Peeler and Zester     

Use the zester to shave strands of the outer layer of a fruit or a vegetable such as lemons, oranges, etc… and add it to raw or cooked meals to enhance the flavor of the food.

And what is  better than getting a peeler and a zester in one product? 

The Classic Meatball Maker 

No more messy kitchen counters and dirty hands and long hours of work. With the classical meatball maker spoon, perfect your meatballs instantly. 

Garlic Presser 

Imagine yourself in the kitchen, using a chef’s knife to chop garlic into small pieces. WOW! What a scene. 

Now back to reality. If you want to save time (like all of us), garlic presser is the best equipment to get the tiniest garlic pieces with just one smash. 

 Pancake Molds

How many times has your morning gone wrong because of the failed attempt of making a pancake and you always wished you can make them perfectly? I think daily just like me!

This product literally saved my mornings. Just pour the pancake mix in it, wait and then flip. I can promise you it won’t stick because it’s made of silicone.

Oil Dispensing Sprayer 

No more quoting “oops! Spilled too much”

Fill the bottle with oil, vinegar, lime juice, etc… and add the oil on your food perfectly and evenly without spilling too much on it. 

Drain Basket


This is not just a drain basket, it’s the ultimate drain basket because of its amazing features. Foldable, multi-functional, and easy to use.

Use the same drain basket to wash your fruits, make some french fries, cook your pasta and even use it as a fruit basket. 

Semi-automatic Egg Beater

Using a spring principle this whisk goes easier on your wrists. Keep your kitchen busy and never worry about tiring your wrists. With an ergonomic handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip to mix any recipe in hand. 

Basting Brush

Bristle Brushes can be very messy while cooking or baking. That’s why silicone cooking brushes are much easier to use, neater, cleaner, non-sticky, and easy to wash

Cook with style by using heat-resistance silicone brushes. Apply and egg wash or spread glaze.